About Us

Tim Is The Best Detailer in All of Conway: We Make All Cars Look Amazing!

Tim started detailing cars in 1976 helping his dad apply turtle wax to his cars… And never stopped since age 16. Do you want from polishing compound‘s and rubbing compound then, to professional level automotive detailing over 22 years ago. Tim is a master polisher and can save almost all paint jobs on most vehicles. He is a veteran with dual action and rotary polishers and can do amazing work on the most stubborn finishes. 
Tim has been specializing in all levels of paint correction and car detailing, but especially in massive Paint Transformations. He really enjoys making Black Paint POP like crazy! 

Tim Pitcher - Master Detailer

With 20+ years in detailing Tim has worked on every type ff vehicle imaginable. From daily drivers that have seen too many rounds in the automatic carwash, to high-end sports cars, and lots of motorcycles; Tim can detail anything. His experience allows him to get the best out of every job using the best products around that won’t cut any corners and will deliver the results you are looking for. Whether you want to rejuvenate your paint or get it ready for a car show, Tim has everything he needs to get the job done. Tim is a perfectionist and his mission is for your vehicle to look like new for years to come. Contact Tim today and find out how he can help your car stay protected from the harsh elements of the sun and ocean and be slick as glass!