Tim’s High Gloss Detailer 16 oz

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Tim’s High Gloss Detailer is a triple threat when it comes to detail sprays. It combines a non-streak formula detail spray, clay lube, drying aid, and a protectant to your paint, chrome, and all in one bottle. Our detail spray will clean your vehicle without streaking even in the beating sun. Try our detail spray and you will not be disappointed!

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4 reviews for Tim’s High Gloss Detailer 16 oz

  1. Big-Reds Detailing

    If your mobile and in direct sunlight this is the detailer for you! No streaks, simple spray and wipe and the results are amazing!! You definitely want this in your Arsenal this summer!

    • Tim Pitcher

      Thank you so much! I developed it to be able to spray on extremely hot paint, glass & chrome in full summer sun to leave a very clean, glossy surface with zero streaks. And that’s what it does! Thank you so much again, I really appreciate it!!

  2. Eric aka PapaSmurf

    Tim’s detailer is phenomenal!!! Flashes quickly.. absolutely 0 streaking even in direct sunlight. Truly phenomenal product here!! Glossy, smells good. Everything you can ask for out of a detailer!

    • Tim Pitcher

      Thank you so much Eric! As you know, some of the toughest Detailing situations are in high heat and full sun, so it’s nice to have a topper that doesn’t streak. Thanks again Eric!

  3. Mike’s Auto Detailing

    This stuff is awesome, perfect for everything on a car, great for a show preping your vehicle, glass, paint, acrylic.. whatever…. great stuff Tim made here

    • Tim Pitcher

      Thank you so much Mike, Yes, I saw quite a bit of it at car shows and have repeat customers from there. Thanks again Mike, I sincerely appreciate it!

  4. Ted Nederlander

    If you’re in showing off your car, and you’re going for that “Best In Show” award… then this is the detailer for you you! Judges heading your way!? You better Hi-Gloss it!!! Trying to turn all the heads to your sick ride? You better Hi-Gloss it! Bottom line… You better Hi-Gloss it!!

    • Tim Pitcher

      Thank you so much! That’s what I was shooting for… Cleanest, clearest streak free Shine in Hot Full Sun. Thanks again!! 👍🏼👍🏼

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