Ceramic Coatings Near Conway & Myrtle Beach

Are you looking to have your vehicle ceramic coated in the Conway and Myrtle Beach area? Look no further than Shine Your Light Detailing in Conway, South Carolina. We specialize in taking beat-down paint and finishes and making them perfect and then applying a durable and long-lasting ceramic coating. Our services can be done on cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, and everything in between. We use only the best coating in the industry from Phoenix EDO Kronos and can last up to 7 years if it is maintained properly. Most importantly we are certified professional installers of ceramic coatings!

Ceramic coatings are also excellent at making your car shine like new and can help make your paint as slick as glass. The added UV protection from ceramic coatings will help protect all of your vehicle’s surfaces from Myrtle Beach’s constant sun exposure

Ceramic Coated Toyota

Correcting the Paint Is the Most Important Step Before a Ceramic Coating

Having a ceramic coating applied to a dirty surface is not going to work very well. It would be like painting a dirty wall, it won’t work well. A poorly applied coating will not last as long a manufacturer claims and will be like throwing money out of a window. Shine Your Light Detailing goes through several steps to make sure your ceramic coating will last for years! We will wash your vehicle thoroughly with high quality car shampoos that will help strip contaminants and dirt off of the paint, trim, glass, and lights. Once we are done washing your vehicle, we then chemically and mechanically decontaminate your painted surfaces with a clay bar and an iron remover. The clay bar pulls away dirt and grime off of the paint, glass, or trim and the iron remover dissolves years of brake dust that can build up on your vehicle. You can see this on white vehicles in the form of little orange specks all over the paintwork.

After we make sure your paint is as clean and smooth as possible, we will begin doing a paint correction on your paint. A paint correction is the best way to bring you paint back to life and will help remove oxidation, swirls, scratches, water spots, and more and will make your vehicle glow like it just left the paint shop. A paint correction is not a fast job as it can take hours depending how bad the paint is and how many steps you add to the process. By polishing your vehicle’s surface, we can be sure that your paint will look rich, wet, and will be the best surface to accept a ceramic or graphene coating. While most people notice shiny and glossy paint, we also can correct the yellowing and fogging of your headlights so if you have dingy looking headlights, please let us know when you schedule your ceramic coating service.

After we polish your vehicle’s paint, we will do a final cleaning to remove any residual compound or polish so the ceramic coating can bond perfectly. Finally, we will apply the ceramic coating to your vehicle’s surface following the manufacturer’s guidelines to make sure the product has set up correctly. Once the product has a rainbow appearance, we level the ceramic coating to an even and glass like finish. We highly recommend allowing your vehicle to cure for 24-48 hours at a minimum before you allow it to get wet. This curing process makes the ceramic coating become rock hard.

Other Ceramic Coating Services Near Myrtle Beach

While ceramic coating a car, truck, or SUV’s paint is the standard, we can also ceramic coat your vehicle’s glass, trim, wheels, tires, and even the leather! Why would you want to ceramic coat your windshield? Well, think of a glass ceramic coating like a more enhanced version of Rain-X that lasts for a very long time. Our windshield ceramic coating service is $100 which includes a thorough prep and cleaning before we apply the ceramic glass coating. Ceramic coating your wheels helps prevent brake dust build up and pitting and can make your wheels much easier to clean. Protecting your wheels with a ceramic coating is $200 for all 4 wheels on your vehicle. Coating your trim with a ceramic coating will help lock in a nice shine and will prevent the plastic and rubber from fading and turning gray. Our ceramic and graphene trim coating services start at $30. Finally, coating your leather with a ceramic coating especially formulated for leather will protect your hides from the UV rays of the sun and prevent them from fading, cracking, and staining from blue jeans, coffee spills, and more! Our leather coatings start at $70.

Schedule Your Ceramic Coating Near Myrtle Beach Today!

Our ceramic coatings start at $1050 and can be done alongside one of our complete detail packages that will clean your vehicle inside and out. If you are interested in one of our ceramic coating services contact us today! Also, ask us about our ceramic coating maintenance washes to help keep your coating stand the test of time.